Мониторинг мобильных объектов

Cosmoexport offers automated monitoring and supervisory control information system, which is designed to ensure automated monitoring and accounting, control and security of mobile objects - vehicles (cars and trucks, watercraft, railway transport), with the help of the state-of-the-art radio and satellite communication assets, navigation means and computers. 

Apart from providing you with the object positioning capability, the system will bring down the risks of stealing, and prevent unauthorized or inexpedient use of vehicles, as well as ensure confidence and stability of their operation.
Our system is advantageous to rivals owing to its unique software and hardware capabilities that minimize the maintenance and support expenditure. At the same time, the system preserves the best of its functions at the highest level. This became possible only owing to the cutting edge data transmission technologies applied.
The Subscriber Terminal conveys data to the supervisory control center both via SMS and data-links, which allows real-time monitoring of the vehicle route, the state of sensors and operating units and other data, which is recorded into the subscriber terminal memory and then vectored to the supervisory control center.
With the check points of the set route loaded remotely into the subscriber terminal, the driver and the vehicle can enjoy the flexibility of operation, change the destination and tasks, or amend the route whenever necessary.

The automated monitoring and supervisory control information system has the following principles of operation: the receiver of satellite signals, mounted on the vehicle, measures its speed and takes coordinates, which are then conveyed to the supervisory control station via GSM mobile network or telecommunication satellite systems (GLOBALSTAR, INMARSAT, etc.) and displayed in the electronic map.

In order to ensure constant and precise positioning, monitoring of the vehicle and the cargo, and to transmit coordinates to the supervisory control station, the vehicle may be equipped with the following electronic systems, varying in accordance with the tasks set:

  • GPS satellite navigation receiver;
  • a set of sensors to obtain required data of the vehicle and control it;
  • onboard controller to process the data from the navigation receiver and the sensors, and ensure data exchange as set in advance;
  • communication assets to transmit telemetric data from the vehicle;

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