Дистанционное зондирование Земли

The world market for remote sensing data receiving ground facilities is rapidly growing due to the following factors:

  • increasing number of operating remote sensing satellites;
  • liberalization and commercialization of the high resolution image distribution regime;
  • changing trends in customers market philosophy from the buying ready-made space image products to the creation of their own data receiving and processing systems.

Cosmoexport offers universal technical means of Earth Observation Center which could be used for receiving data from Russian and other countries remote sensing satellites, as well as satellite data processing and archiving. The Earth Observation Center is an integrated system of hardware and software tools. It is designed to fulfill the following functions:

  • acquisition and recording of data from Earth remote sensing satellites;
  • automated preliminary data processing and preparation of standard information products for users;
  • special additional data processing for accomplishing specific customer orders;
  • real time information on the state and operation of the Center and the available products through Internet;
  • maintenance on-line and a long-term data archives.

Specialized software allows automating most of the operations, thus minimizing the total processing time and operator’s attention.

We can provide a fully integrated system but this would not be a real solution without satisfying the Customer’s need for trained personnel to further operate the Earth Observation Center. Therefore, comprehensive training programs on relevant subjects are to be arranged by Cosmoexport for the Customer’s personnel to guarantee continuity in Earth Observation Center operating.

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