Солнечная энергетика

According to UNESCO's decision, the 21st century was declared to be the century of solar power use. The world solar energy program was accepted for the nearest decade. The prospects of alternative power sources usage show that their part in world power consumption balance may total nearly 20% by 2030. Cosmoexport suggests solar power for different fields of application. One of them is manufacture of electric energy generation. By means of solar batteries solar energy is transformed directly into electric. This process is called "photovoltaic effect".
However, photovoltaics cannot be an alternative to traditional energy. Its primary advantage is that it can supply regions with a lack of electric power. Secondly, it can reduce dependance from mains inconstancy. Moreover, consumers are to control their expenditure directly.

Photovoltaic cells are devices that convert sunlight to electricity, bypassing thermodynamic cycles and mechanical generators. Photovoltaic cells make a photovoltaic panel.  Cosmoexport offers various solutions for a wide range of applications, from individual devices to large-scale systems.

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